animate! Rogue Talents 2 at Riverside Studios London

Thursday 9 November 2006 19:00

In the second of a unique monthly series, experimental animation project animate! presents features, shorts and documentaries that take life beyond live action into a delirious, unsettling, inspiring and stunningly imaginative realm, where the visual meets the visionary. Guest directors, on-stage discussions and live music events accompany the series.

animate! Rogue Talents double bill 2: Future City
Films that challenge and re-invent the experiences of life in the city.

The Light Surgeons 7.00pm
Pioneering VJ / filmmakers The Light Surgeons introduce a selection of their short film work inspired by urban spaces and landscape.
Gilligan’s Travels is a two part audio-visual documentary across America combining photography, documentary footage and motion graphics, narrated by a Venice Beach ‘philosopher’.

Gilligan’s Travels / Thumbnail Express © The Light Surgeons 2000

In Passing makes a personal journey across Manchester as seen through the eyes of a partially blind woman.
The Chimera Project takes British urban spaces into a visionary realm.

Plus a dazzling collection of city-based shorts from the catalogue of award-winning animate! commissions, Feeling my Way by Jonathan Hodgson, 13 by Simon Faithfull and Ferment by Tim Macmillan.

Plus Girl Seeming to Disappear (Zan Lyons, UK, 2005) 5 min
A film created by Electronica artiste Lyons out of his live A/V set, premiered at onedotzero 2006.

Sin City soundtracked live by Zan Lyons 18 9.00pm
(Frank Miller / Robert Rodriguez, US, 2005) 124 min
With Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, Clive Owen, Benicio del Toro, Jessica Alba, Elijah Wood, Nick Stahl, Michael Masden.

Sin City © Buena Vista Home Entertainment Inc 2005

Critically acclaimed Electronica musician Zan Lyons creates a haunting new soundtrack to the groundbreaking live action / animated adaptation of the cult graphic novels by Frank Miller. Set in a radically imagined landscape which plays a crucial role in the film’s narrative, Sin City delivers a unique, darkly unsettling eruption of new ways of seeing from the very heart of the Hollywood machine.

Upcoming animate! Rogue Talents evenings at Riverside Studios include Future Worlds in December and Future Sex in January.

Riverside Studios
Crisp Road
London W6 9RL
box office: (020) 8237 1111
nearest tube station: Hammersmith
admission: £6.50 / £5.50 (concessions) for each half or the whole of the animate! double bill

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