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Minutes in a City Churchyard

Ecstasy of trees
above the wounds

light leafing itself
immaculate as the conception
that we

this light
such journey
and gift
it becomes the wound.

Gareth Evans

A Lisbon

“His language of images makes it possible to understand familiar things without their ceasing to be unfamiliar. Simile brings distant things near while at the same time freezing them in an image protected from the ravaging force of habit.” Peter Szondi, from Walter Benjamin’s City Portraits.

The wings in the chest, do we feel them lift [...]

Let’s Start with Utopia and Go from There…

“Desire, loneliness, the wind in the flowering almond - surely these are the great, the inexhaustible subjects.” Louise Gluck

From where we sit, in a room that primes us well for the spaces beyond, the garden offers itself as a model of the kind of consciousness that could be of help. We follow the streams of [...]