animate! at Numero Projecta Lisbon

2 - 12 November 2006

The Numero Festival, now in its seventh year, is one of the most important festivals of the Portuguese capital. During ten intense days the event promotes multimedia arts (video, cinema & cutting edge technological arts) and numeric culture, where sound and images are inseparable.

This year animate! contributes two programmes from its catalogue of commissions:

Friday 3 November 16.30
animate!: Life Beyond Live-Action. Thirteen films from animate!’s first fifteen years of commissioning. In each work the artist breaks the rules and demonstrates that life is most exciting ‘beyond live-action’:
Miles from Anywhere (1997) by Gary Carpenter, 15th February (1995) by Tim Webb, SKZCP (1997) by Riccardo Iacono, Dad’s Dead (2002) by Chris Shepherd, Rotting Artist by Ann Course & Paul Clark, Rabbit (2005) by Run Wrake, Ferment (1999) by Tim Macmillan, What She Wants (1994) by Ruth Lingford, Feeling My Way (1997) by Jonathan Hodgson, Cowboys - That’s Nothin’ (1991) by Phil Mulloy, Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and Honey (2004) by AL + AL, Sunset Strip (1996) by Kayla Parker and Love is All (1999) by Oliver Harrison.

Saturday 4 November 14.30
animate! tv 2006 Previews. A special programme of this year’s animate! tv commissions, plus a bonus hand-picked selection of animate! tv films from last year. Exciting new works take startling graphic journeys, reveal unsettling undercurrents and discover dazzling digital domains:
Careful (2005) by Damian Gascoigne, Flight (2005) by Dryden Goodwin, Who I Am and What I Want (2005) by David Shrigley & Chris Shepherd, From Nose to Mouth (2006) by Joji Koyama, Interstellar Stella (2006) by AL + AL, Proximity (2006) by Inger Lise Hansen, Purple Grey (2006) by Sebastian Buerkner, and We Believe in Happy Endings (2006) by Monika Forsberg & Susie Sparrow.

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