animate! presents Gothic Tales at Leeds Festival

Sunday 27 August 2006 13:00

A maelstrom mix of animate! commissions enlivens the famous Leeds Festival, the UK’s biggest music festival in 2006. Relish a collection of spooky stories revealing the darker side of animation - and life - before the big bands play on the final day of this Mean Fiddler celebration for the Bank Holiday weekend.

The (un)savoury treats on show include:

Cowboys six wicked Wild West tales of cowboys doin’ wrong created by Phil Mulloy
Dad’s Dead Chris Shepherd’s terrifying story of evil teenage betrayal on a Liverpool estate
Expelling the Demon a man’s struggle to gag his engorged lascivious tongue made by Devlin Crow
Jukebox Run Wrake’s street life extravangza, a mind-expanding coming of age
Minema Cinema two bizarre stories of unlikely friendship and adventure animated by Tim Hope from scripts written by 13-year-olds
Rabbit the multi-prize-winning saga by Run Wrake about a freaky idol who turns a couple of children into greed-obsessed monsters

Comedy & Cabaret Stage
Leeds Festival
Bramham Park
admission: weekend tickets sold out / £60 day ticket

25-27 August 2006 Leeds Festival website ›

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