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*That’s Nothin’*

*That’s Nothin’*

a film by Phil Mulloy

animate! synopsis

Grotesque Wild West goes vaudeville. Prairie tales in stark, dark ink to outrage and illuminate.

Six 3-minute episodes:

Slim Pickin’s - poor ole’ Josh finds he’s the victim of false promises.

That’s Nothin’ - a few of the boys get together in the saloon.

Murder! - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The silent majority get their way.

High Noon - Clint and Chuck face each other out in the final showdown.

The Conformist - “If you want to fit in around here, you best do what’s expected of yer.”

Outrage - The whole of Joseville is disgusted by the behaviour of their young folk.

key credits

Phil Mulloy
Alex Balanescu
Keith Tippett