New animate! residencies at London College of Communication

animate! is offering three new residencies during 2007 to established or emergent visual artists in the UK whose work challenges the boundaries of animation practice or which explores ideas of animation as manipulated moving image.

The residencies are based in the Animation Department at the London College of Communication, in association with the animate! project.

The residencies offer access to studio space and production facilities within a creative education environment; professional development and networking support; assistance to create new work; and potential exhibition through animate! screenings and online.

Each residency will run for 10 weeks, 3 days a week - starting January 2007, April 2007, October 2007 - within dedicated studio space at the Animation Department at LCC’s Elephant & Castle site in London.

Each artist will receive a fee of £3,300 and up to £1,000 towards production costs and expenses.

Application deadline Friday 3 November 2006

Downloadable guidelines here

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