5 new animate! commissions in 2001

animate!’s latest commissioning round attracted 96 applications. Competition was without doubt the strongest in the history of the scheme. Five new projects have been chosen to share the production funding provided by the Arts Council of England and Channel 4 Television.

The animate!-makers are Ann Course & Paul Clark, Ruth Lingford, Rosie Pedlow, Dan Saul and Chris Shepherd.

Their projects will be completed in summer 2002 for transmission by Channel 4 in the autumn.

The selection team was:
Ben Cook (co-director, The Lux Centre)
Sarah Cox (animate!-maker, Picasso Pictures)
Gareth Evans (writer on contemporary arts, Time Out etc, and film programmer)
Richard Kenworthy (animator, Shynola)
Camilla Deakin (Editor Art & Animation, Channel 4 Television)
Gary Thomas (Visual Arts Officer, Artists’ Film & Video, Arts Council of England)
Dick Arnall (Scheme Producer, Finetake)

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