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animate! synopsis

A series of inter-cut visual postcards, snapshots of ordinary family situations. Caring, anxious but distracted parents are teaching their children to be safe. However they are in a battle with Fate to avoid disasters – and dry cleaning bills.

one sentence synopsis

A 7-year-old girl’s accidental adventure in a surreal landscape.

short synopsis

A 7-year-old girl escapes the attentions of her over protective mother and flies off on an accidental adventure through a surreal landscape.

long synopsis

A story about a 7-year old girl sent on a mission to post a letter by her over-protective mother. Accidentally forced off course, the girl finds herself in a surreal landscape, full of foreboding suspended objects. She explores this strange world for herself until her mother’s anxiety stirs the landscape into dangerous life.

Careful combines rough, immediate drawings in digital space, creating a visual interplay between what is flat and what is not.