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Karl Cresser


Karl studied film at Surrey Institute and the Welsh Film School but is a self-taught animator, based in London. He worked for two years with Tim Hope, director of Coldplay’s notable music videos, before co-creating Origen’s Wake with Waen Shepherd for C4 Comedy Lab.

Sucked Up is his first project as sole director.

October 2003


Spacemonkeys 2002 3min computer animation taking polaroid photograms into 3DS Max with Marcus Stephenson.

Origen’s Wake 2001 12 min computer animation for C4 Comedy Lab in 3DS Max with Waen Shepherd.

My Mum Robinson’s commercials 2001 2×30 sec commercials in 3DS Max directed by Tim Hope with John Williams and John Harmer.

Coldplay Don’t Panic 2001 3min music video in 3DS Max directed by Tim Hope with John Williams.

The Pod 2001 2 half hour episodes of TV show in 3DS Max directed by Tim Hope.

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