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Ann Course


Ann Course was born in 1965, in Watford. Ann and her partner Paul each studied at the Royal College of Art. They live and work in London, Ann as a practising artist and Paul as a painter, with a rapidly-expanding catalogue of their darkly amusing animated films.

Their work has been widely exhibited and screened.


Ann(i)mated 1993, 3‘, sound, video

Prince 1999, 1’ 10“, sound, video

Me 1999, silent, video

Untitled (Night Beast), 1999, 1‘, sound, video

Waitin for Waste, 2000, 3‘, sound, video

The Artist 2000, 3‘, sound, video

Mother 2000, 1‘, sound, video

Recruitment Video 2000, 2’ 30“, sound, video

Shit Belt 2000, 3’ 10“, sound, video

Rotting Artist 2002, 3’ 10“, sound, video

Black Magic 2002, 2‘, sound, video

Paul Clark

short biography

Paul Clark was born in Ilford, in 1965. He studied painting at Brighton Polytechnic, and then at the Royal College of Art. He lives in London with his partner Ann Course and is a practising painter.