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*Revenge Is Cold*

*Revenge Is Cold*

a film by Tim Hope

animate! synopsis

A collection of bizarrely original animated stories from scripts written by young children. Emulating the approach of New York’s 52nd Street Project and London’s Scene & Heard theatre groups, the film is voiced by professional adult actors and directed to render the children’s dramatic intentions as sincerely as possible.

Three short films within one film:

Revenge Is Cold – Woody the box of matches dreams of becoming a lighter. In the Mexican desert he encounters Antus, an untrustworthy cactus, who claims he can help him fufil his ambitions. Together they journey to ‘The Land of the Freeze’ – the North Pole – where a surprise is in store for both of them.

Love Then First Fight – Bob Brakinlot the crowbar is a reformed criminal, determined to give himself a second chance. Into his world bursts Blossom Shritz, a shirt whose life has been torn apart. Desperate for acceptance and affection, they seem to offer each other “a chance to be average in a nasty world“. But can they both put the past behind them?

Keep Going – A young egg, Stuart, escapes from his fridge in Scotland on a mission to meet his hero, Michael Jackson. On the streets of Aberfeldy he bumps into Andrew, a lonely gorilla, who is searching for his family. Together they begin an epic quest, which will lead them to both joyful and tragic ends (via Inverness).

key credits

Tim Hope
Kevin Pinto
Thomas Gwyther
Acai Duang Arop
Antony Brown
Oliver Davis
Kai Simmons