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13 – A melancholy journey through a nebulous urban landscape. The film’s elliptic and fantastical progress along a universe p… Simon Faithfull 2004 5:25
15th February – From a poem by Peter Reading, symbol and sadism meet live-action and stop-motion in this tale of rejection and its aftermath. ... Tim Webb 1995 6:35
3 Ways to Go – A trinity of dying, as hand exposure of film, drawing, live action and stop-motion conspire to probe the mystery of the final … Sarah Cox 1997 4:16
An Anatomy of Melancholy – Drawing on despair, sketching the skeleton. Mortality marks. From Keats to Robert Burton, a major body of woe is made. Light i… Jo Ann Kaplan 2000 13:03
Animal Tragic – An unsettling take on the ‘natural history’ of our contemporary urban environment, recreating three reported incid… Tim Macmillan 2003 6:28
As the Crow Flies – An image of a bird migrates across the drawings of one thousand members of the public. In a process akin to Chinese Whispers t… Carolina Melis & Susanne Flender 2005 5:20
Biogenesis – Survival of the most aesthetic in a synthetic digital universe of constantly evolving coral forms. From cell to psychedelic, t… William Latham 1993 4:43
Black, White & Green – the way of pie – In the setting of a traditional London eel and pie house, solitary diners ponder their steaming dinners, each glimpsing a pers… Ian Bourn 2003 7:50
Blinded by Light – Vision on again as the eyes have it after doing time in the dark. A post-operative sight recorder voices the hope, scores the … Simon Pummell 2000 7:20
Body Projections – Written on the body, a pixillated pillow book of all flesh, this film questions adornment through rhythm and ritual, dream and… Tony Donoghue 1998 5:40
Cage of Flame – A dream life of angels. What wings really mean. The wise wound and its belly music. Desire is vulvic and creativity claims the… Kayla Parker 1992 9:45
Camouflage – Voiced visions of the voices in the head as multiform memories of parental paranoia get the heightened reality they require.


Jonathan Hodgson 2001 7:56
Careful – A series of inter-cut visual postcards, snapshots of ordinary family situations. Caring, anxious but distracted parents are te… Damian Gascoigne 2005 6:07
Cowboys – Grotesque Wild West goes vaudeville. Prairie tales in stark, dark ink to outrage and illuminate.

Six 3-minute episodes:


Phil Mulloy 1991 18 min
Crimplene – CG cushions – couch potatoes who won’t even answer the phone, until the Crimplene angel opens their door onto life… Michelle Salamon 1996 5:35
Dad’s Dead – Fights, camera, live action. It’s dark days in sink town. Teenage kicks all through the night, for sure (peer pressure y… Chris Shepherd 2002 6:36
Dear Nelson – Algren and no De Beauvoir makes Nelson a sad boy in these letters from America. An affair to remember, with distance – i… Sarah Cox 2001 5:32
doubled up – Sam’s film is about her own attempt to impose order upon chaos in the context of recently becoming a mother of multiples… Samantha Moore 2004 6:30
Emperor – Comic colour capers as we learn the tabloid tale of Bonaparte and his not so bony part. A sensual wash from Waterloo to auctio… Elizabeth Hobbs 2001 4:20
End of Restriction – The teenage world via Apple Mac. From childhood loft dreams to the horse latitudes, village life through the eyes of a boy on … Robert Bradbrook 1994 5:20
End of the Street – An incremental chain of events, a street-level response to the Beaufort Wind Scale in which an unseen visitor whips up all kin… Andy Martin in prod
Expelling the Demon – Tongue drawn and slaughtered, oral hygiene is reaching new extremes. Berkoff-voiced bedsit man wages war on own mouth after le… Devlin Crow 1999 5 min
Exposure – A curious coastal research site becomes a vibrantly graphic testament to impermanence. Peter Collis 2003 5:35
Feeling My Way – What goes around comes around – the daily cycle of home-work-home illuminated in collage, Hi-8 and paint. Layered and lu… Jonathan Hodgson 1997 5:32
Ferment – A momentary lapse of motion as Macmillan cuts a cross-section through the city’s day. Mobile photography or freeze film?... Tim Macmillan 1999 5 min
Film – Time and motion studies that, by definition, are getting beneath the surface. Raiding the image bank for the heart of the matt… Katy Shepherd 2001 3:25
Flat Earth – A desktop expedition and documentary, woven from satellite imagery found online to make an extraordinary five-minute journey a… Thomson & Craighead in prod
Flight – A fugitive escape path across five interlinked spaces. The artist’s interventions in the live-action journey suggest an … Dryden Goodwin 2005 7:43
Francis – An account of the creation of a 10-year old ‘disturbed’ boy through drawings and video. As the draughtsman’s hand goes t… Let Me Feel Your Finger First in prod
From Nose to Mouth – A solitary figure emerges out of seclusion to learn an ice-skating dance sequence. Set in a disorientating arena of shifting b… Joji Koyama 2006 18:23
Furniture Poetry – All change at Bush’s place. An object lesson in the fecundity of things. Variety is the spice as Wittgenstein pitches us… Paul Bush 1999 5:15
Go West Young Man – Man hands on misery to man. Father and son resist the stereotypes of their race and gender in this personal/historical survey … Keith Piper 1996 3:43
Half Life – A neurotic stop-frame analysis of the daily torture of the desk-bound being, freeze-frame tensions disrupting the film’s… Matt Hulse 2004 5:45
Heliocentrum – Politics and pleasure in the court of King Louis. A Baroque rave where Versailles meets Video. Computer animation for the cogn… 1995 11:30
His Comedy – Going down… A brimstone homage to Doré as Dante and Virgil get beneath the surface of things. Human horrors meet he… Paul Bush 1994 8 min
Hooked – Latino life unravelled and re-knitted – animation on location. A woman journeys through Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Boli… Vera Neubauer 2002 9:30
Hotel Central – Hats on for this journey into an old country past. Room service with a difference: the phone rings in the wardrobe or the wild… Matt Hulse 2000 9:52
How to Get Rid of Information – The original story: a man in a room besieged by the world. High drama as he fights off rogue and random information swoops. An… Damian Gascoigne 1998 7:10
Hypnomart – It’s a digital day out and the mall just got madder. Repeat to fade and trance away the heartache in a mirror world of m… Joe Magee & Alistair Gentry 2001 3:47
Interstellar Stella – Growing up inside the spectacle of perfect illusions, a child model embarks on a journey inside a labyrinth formed from her ad… AL + AL 2006 12:34
Jukebox Street life, it’s the only life I know. In this uptempo party piece, xerox, paint and found-sound montage in with Cur… Run Wrake 1994 4:56
Jumping Joan – With the dark resonance of the nursery rhyme from which it is drawn, this river story probes isolation and imagination, all pa… Petra Freeman 1994 7:39
Kingdom Protista – Life on Earth was never like this. Pond life with attitude gets it on in a digital debauch. New forms, same old problems. Orif… Andrew Kötting 2000 5:18
LMX Spiral – With Thatcher our narrator we take a fast-forward ride through the high-rise 80’s and the lottery-led 90’s in a po… Richard Wright 1998 7:54
Love Is All – In a winter wonderland with Deanna Durbin and the queen of the snow. A fairytale for the future, this perfectly pitched monoch… Oliver Harrison 1999 3:15
Magnetic Movie – The remarkable secret life of invisible interplanetary magnetic fields, revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries in man’s … Semiconductor in prod
Miles from Anywhere – On the surface, an exploration of environment and landscape. Hand-held photography close up on textures in a detailed examinat… Gary Carpenter 1997 4:20
Minema Cinema – A collection of bizarrely original animated stories from scripts written by young children. Emulating the approach of New York… Tim Hope 2004 21:30
Mr Price – A reflection on life from mid-life. Memory, expectation, disappointment, education, hero worship, all human failings. *Mr Pric… Tim Webb 2004 8:30
Museum of Stolen Souls – Face it, the objects have lives. From missionary madness to museum piece, the ‘history’ of rainforest peoples goes… Chris Elliott 1993 6:56
Naked – A day in the life – crossing the sprawl for dinner. 3D sets and model/drawn/photo animation make a city. And the guy in … Yasmine Ramli 1992 12:10
The Nuclear Train – An animated drama. James is deeply disturbed by the heavy vibrations made by the train carrying nuclear waste past his home. W… Daniel Saul 2002 9:03
The Old Fools – A clear-eyed look at the inevitability of our demise based on Philp Larkin’s poem of the same name, voiced by Bob Geldof. Ruth Lingford 2002 5:37
Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and HoneyAL + AL’s grandfather James Brown is a retired engineer and inventor living in the north of England.

The film re-fabric…

AL + AL 2004 6:22
The Phantom Museum – Random Forays into Sir Henry Wellcome’s Medical Collection – Sir Henry Wellcome (1853–1936) amassed one of the world’s largest museum collections, capturing human culture and … The Quay Brothers 2003 11:30
Postcards of Belief – When the frame rebels and pain is the only option, the body artist gives up on speech. The picture is breaking up. This is the… Lesley Adams 2001 5 min
Proximity – An upside-down time-lapse camera moves along a beach, inverting the sand and sky as the weather changes. The result is a disor… Inger Lise Hansen 2006 3:53
Purple Grey – A vivid imagination can be a seductive but debilitating distraction from life. Twisted fantasies, associations and flashbacks … Sebastian Buerkner 2006 7:50
Rabbit – A dreamlike but dark story of lost innocence and the random justice of nature, told with curious images from a distant childho… Run Wrake 2005 8:30
Room Service – Appearances are all – or are they – in this jazz-inflected chamber piece (for maid and mistress) on the sensual so… Sylvie Bringas 2001 5:05
Rotting Artist – People try it on in the Croxley bunkers, and when the head of the household shoves his bendy cane brush right up the chimney w… Ann Course & Paul Clark 2002 3:10
Round-Up – Fairground ride becomes human Zoetrope as we marvel at the joy and pain of the cycle of life, from birth to death and everythi… Mark Simon Hewis in prod
Safety Tips for Kids – An ironic look at the way newspapers report children’s deaths… accidents, bad mothers, angry fathers and the bogey… Roz Mortimer 2003 5:06
SalvageYou’d be crazy for feeling so lonely… From scrapbook bodies to outlines filled with light, there’s collage in … John Parry 1998 4:11
Save Me – The found sounds of newstime as the domestic meets disaster and survives. Collage craziness in this abstract exploration of th… Stuart Hilton 1994 6:10
Scrutiny – Strangers on a train, points on a journey through the ‘accepted nature of things‘. Fast talking animation scratche… Ian Cross 1995 7:49
Season's Greetings – In the bleak midwinter, maverick Mulloy is back with a christmas card for the crisis. Fish with a mission, no room at the chip… Phil Mulloy 1999 3 min
SKZCP – The big issues addressed in an abstract animation ripe with optically manipulated hand-painted film. Employing the associative… Riccardo Iacono 1997 3:10
Soho Square – Hot time, summer in the city… A hued thought in a green shade – the life of a square from flesh to ‘paint&#8… Mario Cavalli 1992 11 min
Spirit of Place – Well met by moonlight – room service for the spirit. A one-take dream in Cocteauesque monochrome. Oliver Harrison 1992 10:07
Stressed – Soft bodies, hard landings. Tenement times and the living ain’t easy. Drawing our own conclusions about the city. Karen Kelly 1994 6:30
Sucked Up – A quirky, horrific and erotic journey made on foot through the evolution of a contemporary male sexuality, from playful childh… Karl Cresser 2003 6:40
Summer with Monika – The poetic youth is back and the decades fall away in this pastel pastoral. Roger McGough doesn’t cough once as the seas… Corrina Askin 2000 4:29
Sunset Strip – 12 frame, half second days. A year of sunsets. Brakhage-style interventions directly onto film stock in this record of light a… Kayla Parker 1996 3:30
Sweet Salt – A love story of obsession and sharp teeth between a woman left behind in a fairy tale gone wrong and a merman trapped in a rea… Katerina Athanasopoulou 2005 6:02
The Tongue of the Hidden – Characters and environment created entirely from the letters and the written words of the 13th century Persian metaphysical po… David Alexander Anderson in prod
Tulips at Dawn – Diagrams of chemistry apparatus and educational film footage react and combine in this quirky interpretation of the poem _Mode… Rosie Pedlow 2002 3:24
We Believe in Happy Endings – At the party, humans, animals and ‘other-worldly’ beings dance the night away.
She’s a monster, she is gorgeous,
He is well …
Monika Forsberg & Susie Sparrow 2006 4:02
What She Wants – Lust is in the air, everywhere I look around… Sex and shopping, underground thoughts on the underground train, and every… Ruth Lingford 1994 5 min
Who I Am and What I Want – A scribbled, strangely funny but highly unsettling examination of the human condition. The story of a man who bares his emotio… David Shrigley & Chris Shepherd 2005 7:23
Winter Trees – Sylvia Plath and the essence of the feminine. Fertility and regeneration in a dazzling multi-media landscape. Beauty with edge… Sarah Downes 1993 6:51
Withdrawal – A home movie on permanent loop. Live action up for grabs. A family walk the walk across a field, disappearing into memory as t… George Barber 1997 3:47
Within/Without – Man, house, identity. A prison and a freedom. Explorations in the negative space of the manipulated photographic image. Public… Benita Raphan 1994 9:28
Yours Truly – ‘Found’ images from magazines to movie clips are cut up, manipulated and reconstructed to create unexpected and gripping story… Osbert Parker 2006 4:54