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animate! synopsis

It’s a digital day out and the mall just got madder. Repeat to fade and trance away the heartache in a mirror world of mass production. I’m not a human being, I’m a number. Whitewashed? Absolutely. (Colour-) saturated? Sure. See you tomorrow.

long synopsis

Hypnomart uses covert footage of shoppers in a suburban mall to study human behaviour, and as source material for the artists’ own manipulations of unsuspecting consumers. In these comprehensively surveilled and clinical environments, tiny gestures are magnified and transmit virally through the crowd.

In the Hypnomart watching and voyeurism are inextricable. Whether the subjects of surveillance are shopping in a trance or enacting compulsive rituals for the cameras, sometimes they align themselves in patterns like microbes or herds, or create dances that last mere seconds.