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All change at Bush’s place. An object lesson in the fecundity of things. Variety is the spice as Wittgenstein pitches us into musical chairs, tables, apples and shoes with his thoughts on certainty, or its lack.

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“What prevents me from supposing that this table eiter vanishes or alters its shape when no one is observing it and then when someone looks at it again it changes back? But ne feels like sayin – who is going to suppose such a thing?”
Ludwig Wittgenstein, On Certainty (1949-51)
Paul Bush Accepts the cahllenge of he philosopher and chabges nt only a table, but also chairs, shoes, jugs, teapots, and almost anything and everything lying around his house.

key credits

Paul Bush
Andy Cowton

Paul Bush


Paul Bush was born in 1956 and studied Fine Art at Central School and Goldsmiths College, London. He taught himself how to make films while a member of the London Film-makers Co-op and Chapter Film Workshop in Cardiff.

From 1981 to 1993 he taught film-making, establishing a film workshop in South London and supervising a wide variety of courses and the production of numerous student films. Between 1995 and 2001 he taught on the visual arts course at Goldsmiths.

He has lectured, run workshops and tutored at numerous art and film courses around the world including the Media Academy of Cologne, CalArts, St Lukas in Brussels, KASK in Ghent, HGK Lucerne, and the Royal College of Arts, Duncan of Jordanstone and the National Film & Television School in Britain.


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Paul Bush

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Paul Bush

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Andy Cowton



Nikolay Moustakov, Jane Bush, Mina Mileva, and all who lent or moved furniture.

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Arts Council of England/Channel Four Animate! award

© Paul Bush 1999

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