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animate! synopsis

Voiced visions of the voices in the head as multiform memories of parental paranoia get the heightened reality they require.

Case-studies committed to celluloid. Sketches of schizophrenia that draw on reality and the time in the big house, behind the trees, too far from the road.

long synopsis

Camouflage by Jonathan Hodgson explores the experience of the child growing up with a schizophrenic parent. Based on extensive research it compares a personal account with the experience of others, using interviews, drawings and animation, live action and digital composition.

The live action, shot on 16mm, is based on the director’s own memories growing up with a schizophrenic parent. The animation is based on interviews with other people who had one or more schizophrenics in the family.

The interviewees were asked to describe what they remember of their thoughts and feelings at the time and how their perception of reality may have been distorted by what was going on.