Films : Black, White & Green – the way of pie : tools & techniques


process summary

A combination of live-action, shot on DigiBeta, and digitally-recreated 3D space.

Black, White & Green is a mixture of live action and computer generated imagery, with real people and food shot against blue-screen and composited into an imaginary restaurant environment created in a 3D graphics program. The close-up food shots were done using a borescope lens and the ‘animation’ of the food was in fact filmed ‘live’ and moved by means of (off screen) forks and spoons.

The voice over narration is that of the author (Ian Bourn) and contributions by the participating actors, who were responding to images of pie and mash dinners and asked to describe what these images suggested to them. The sound recordings and the overall sound design was devised by sound artist Graeme Miller.

production formats