Films : Black, White & Green – the way of pie : direction & collaboration

Ian Bourn


Ian is an established artist, working in video since 1978. The East End of London, where he was born and still lives, is also the site of his work. In 1985 he founded Housewatch, the artists’ group specialising in public film events.

His films draw on characters from his past and present, their language and sense of humour, to create fiction and metaphor that has an authentic ring to it.

Recent video works include Monolog and The Kiss . Computer imaging is a significant departure for his practice.

September 2003


Lenny’s Documentary 1978 B/W video 45minsThe End Of The World 1982 Col video 10minsSick As A Dog 1989 Col video 25minsOut Of It 1991 Col video 1minBreathing Days 1992 Col video 14minsMonolog 1998 Col video 46minsThe Kiss 1999 Col video 5mins (also gallery installation)Alfred Hitchcock 2000 Col video 26minsBlack White & Green 2003 Col video 7mins