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animate! is the longest-running broadcaster-linked scheme ever run by the Arts Council of England. It is maintained by the most consistent commitment ever made by Channel 4, or indeed any broadcaster world-wide, to the independent production of innovative and challenging film video works.

During its first decade the scheme has supported 49 projects


The booklet 'art and animation' contains a brief history of experimental animation, synopses of animate! commissions and information about some of the people who made them.

The booklet was published by Channel 4 in 1999, ISBN 1 85144 244 8.

To order a copy send a cheque or postal order, made out to Channel 4 Television, for £3.50 including post and packing to:

art and animation
PO Box 4000
Manchester M60 3LL

or telephone 0870 544 6699

Year 1 commissioned 1990
Cowboys (Phil Mulloy)
Naked (Yasmine Ramli)
Soho Square (Mario Cavalli)
Spirit of Place (Oliver Harrison)

Year 2 commissioned 1991
Cage of Flame (Kayla Parker)
Museum of Stolen Souls (Chris Elliott)
Stressed (Karen Kelly)
Winter Trees (Sarah Downes)

Year 3 commissioned 1992
Biogenesis (William Latham)
Go West Young Man (Keith Piper)
His Comedy (Paul Bush)
Jukebox (Run Wrake)
Save Me (Stuart Hilton)
Within/Without (Benita Raphan)

Year 4 commissioned 1993
15th February (Tim Webb)
End of Restriction (Robert Bradbrook)
Heliocentrum (Richard Wright/Jason White)
Jumping Joan (Petra Freeman)
What She Wants (Ruth Lingford)

Year 5 commissioned 1994
3 Ways to Go (Sarah Cox)
Body Projections (Tony Donoghue)
Feeling My Way (Jonathan Hodgson)
Scrutiny (Ian Cross)
SKZCP (Riccardo Iacono)
Sunset Strip (Kayla Parker)

Year 6 commissioned 1995
Crimplene (Michelle Salamon)
How to Get Rid of Information (Damian Gascoigne)
Postcards of Belief (Lesley Adams)
Summer with Monika (Corinna Askin)

Year 7 commissioned 1996
Expelling the Demon (Devlin Crow)
LMX Spiral (Richard Wright)
Miles from Anywhere (Gary Carpenter)
Withdrawal (George Barber)

Year 8 commissioned 1997
An Anatomy of Melancholy (Jo Ann Kaplan)
Book of Beasts (Phil Mulloy)
Ferment (Tim Macmillan)
Love is All (Oliver Harrison)
Nursery Poetry (Paul Bush)
Salvage (John Parry)

Year 9 commissioned 1998
Blinded by Light (Simon Pummell)
Dear Nelson (Sarah Cox)
Hotel Central (Matt Hulse)
In Camera (Sylvie Bringas)
Kingdom Protista (Andrew Kotting)

Year 10 commissioned 2000
Camouflage (Jonathan Hodgson)
Emperor (Elizabeth Hobbs)
Film (Katy Shepherd)
Hooked (Vera Neubauer)
Hypnomart (Jo Magee Alistair Gentry)

the animate! scheme is produced by Finetake Productions on behalf of the Arts Council of England and Channel 4 Television