animate! online is hosting a series of discussions and articles around experimental animation practice.

Taking a Line for a Walk

Jonathan Hodgson's animate! film Feeling My Way, completed in 1997, received a raft of international awards. Amongst these was the \\international\media\art\award 2000, Karlsruhe, the major annual European prize for artist's video and media. The competition's theme for that year was 'cITy' and this article accompanied the award.

The Manipulated Image

Keith Griffiths argues that the possibility to digitally manipulate every single frame of live-action film returns the form to the realm of animation. The computer's intervention in 'post-production' can now be liberated in pursuit of 'hallucinations of reality'.

animate! 2001: Pushing it...

...out into the world. The animate! scheme picked its eleventh annual slate of new commissions at the end of March 2001. A couple of days after the selection team had made its decisions we arranged a round-table discussion, to 'measure the moment'.