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Why Animation Matters

“I am writing, here, as a kind of casualty: someone who was seduced by this strange work, and has yet to recover. I have come to see that this is perhaps all I ever write about.” Ian Penman

Animation matters. It matters…

Because everything is going, is slipping beneath the waves, is starving or burning and maimed [...]

Death to Animation

I believe it’s time to kill animation. Not the animation we watch, but the word we use to label it.

Everyone out there knows that animation means ‘invented’ characters brought to life on the screen by an animator. But those of us inside the world of the moving image, also use the term ‘animation’ to refer [...]

Animation Is

“My dreams move to the rhythm required by long journeys to countries as yet unknown, or to countries that are simply hypothetical or impossible.” Fernando Pessoa

Animation is five things today…

It is what happens when the mind, understanding that, in its strange dance with the world, things become too complex for the vessels generated by low [...]

Internet Excursions

Texture mapping - a simple but uncanny and revealing online tool from Tate Modern. Make the pigment texture and depth jump to life in two Auerbach paintings as you move a light source around them. Then click on ‘Technical details’ to find out more about the process behind this virtual light map. [...]

Taking a Line for a Walk

Jonathan Hodgson’s animate! film Feeling My Way, completed in 1997, received a raft of international awards. Amongst these was the \internationalmediaartaward 2000, Karlsruhe, the major annual European prize for artist’s video and media. The competition’s theme for that year was ‘cITy’ and the following article by Chris Darke accompanied the award.

The Animated Itinerary of Jonathan [...]

The Manipulated Image

Nowadays every Hollywood blockbuster in its entirety goes through a digital gateway between filming and release print. So what happens in front of the camera is merely pixel-grist for the digital ‘mill’. In this article, Keith Griffiths argues that the possibility to digitally manipulate every single frame of live-action film returns the form to the [...]

animate! 2001: Pushing it…

...out into the world. The animate! scheme picked its eleventh annual slate of new commissions at the end of March 2001. A couple of days after the selection team had made its decisions we arranged a round-table discussion, to ‘measure the moment’.

Taking part were three members of the 7-person selection team:

Gareth Evans - freelance writer, [...]