animate! tv 2006: 6 Premières on Channel 4

Sunday 10 December 2006 24:05am

Five new animate! films receive their première broadcast in animate! tv on 10 December on Channel 4, starting at five past midnight (ie 00:05 on Monday morning).

Commissioned in 2005, they are Interstellar Stella by AL + AL, Proximity by Inger Lise Hansen, Purple Grey by Sebastian Buerkner, We Believe in Happy Endings by Monika Forsberg & Susie Sparrow and Yours Truly by Osbert Parker.

The seven artists introduce their new works in the hour-long programme, directed by Paul Bernays.

The sixth animate! film commissioned in 2005, From Nose to Mouth by Joji Koyama, premières on Channel 4 on Thursday 14 December at 27:40am (ie 03:40 on Friday morning).

Sunday 10 December 2006 24:05am

4 Responses to “animate! tv 2006: 6 Premières on Channel 4”

  1. Graham Loton Says:

    ... just caught the last couple of minutes of Interstellar Stella... WOW what an amazing piece of work. WHERE CAN I SEE THE WHOLE FILM ?!

  2. Dick Arnall Says:

    We’re so pleased that AL + AL’s work fired you up. However animate! doesn’t own it or any of the films that we commission, the individual artists do. But Channel 4 has a licence to one more transmission of animate tv 2006, including Interstellar Stella, and we understand that they will repeat the programme early next year.

    Why not subscribe to our free (and private) newswire e-mailing list and you will be amongst the first to know the date. And maybe of some other (theatrical) screenings. Thanks… keep thinking ‘outside of the box’...!


    animate is ace!

  4. Pascal Desmond Says:

    Today I’ve contacted C4 and asked them to rebroadcast it. Perhaps others might like to as well by going to, click on INTERACT, click on CONTACT US, click on HOW DO I CONTACT THE CHANNEL4 VIEWER ENQURIES TEAM?, and then click HERE TO GO TO THE WEBFORM. Sorry about the palaver but afaik there is no point in giving you the direct URL as it changes each time it is accessed.
    I wrote

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