animate! Rogue Talents 3 at Riverside Studios London

Thursday 7 December 2006 18:45

In the third of a unique monthly series, experimental animation project animate! presents features, shorts and documentaries that take life beyond live action into a delirious, unsettling, inspiring and stunningly imaginative realm, where the visual meets the visionary.

animate! Rogue Talents double bill 3: Future Worlds
Films that look beyond science fiction clichés to exciting yet human future worlds.

Shorts Beyond the Horizon 15 6.45pm
Some of the most striking worlds on screen have been realised in animated/manipulated shorts. All the films in this wide-ranging and dynamic selection, including four animate! commissions, travel way beyond the horizon of live-action cinema.
Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and Honey AL + AL, UK 2004, 7 min. Re-fabricates the lifelong endeavours of grandfather James Brown, a retired engineer and inventor living in the north of England, to break the law of physics and create a perpetual motion device.
Street Of Crocodiles Quay Brothers, UK 1986, 21 min. A homage to Bruno Schulz, set in a mythical land with a population of either half-dead or half-alive people oblivious to anyone else’s movements.
The Nuclear Train Daniel Saul, UK 2002, 9 min. James is deeply disturbed by the heavy vibrations made by the train carrying nuclear waste past his home.

The Nuclear Train © Daniel Saul 2002

Future War Tim Hope, UK 2000, 15 min. The Pod (with guest stars the Mighty Boosch) imagine a world where retro is king and the future needs to be reclaimed.
A Quiet Week In The House Jan Svankmajer, Czechoslovakia 1969, 20 min. A man on the run takes shelter in a dilapidated house. Every day, he drills a hole through a wall and looks into one of the rooms, each time seeing a different surreal vision…
Half Life Matt Hulse, UK 2004, 6 min. Isolated office workers perform gruelling and surrealistic routines in this intense, neurotic study of the desk-bound being.
Interstellar Stella AL + AL, UK 2006, 12 min. A sumptuous but enigmatic and twisted drama following a photographer as he travels through the lens to do battle in a world of perfect illusions.

Existenz 18 9.00pm
(David Cronenberg, Canada/UK/France, 1999) 93 min
With Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jude Law, Ian Holm.

eXistenZ © Alliance Atlantis Films 1999

A games designer creates a virtual-reality experience that taps directly into the players’ consciousness and seriously challenges the boundaries between waking, dreaming and delirium. One of Cronenberg’s most impressive recent explorations of the interface between humanity and the machine, and between the rational and the nightmarishly imagined.

Riverside Studios
Crisp Road
London W6 9RL
box office: (020) 8237 1111
nearest tube station: Hammersmith
admission: £6.50 / £5.50 (concessions) for each half or the whole of the animate! double bill

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