Author Author at Port Eliot LitFest Cornwall

Saturday 22 July 2006 18:00

Often referred to as the ‘Glastonbury for books’, Port Eliot Literary Festival is celebrated for the wide-ranging list of artists, writers, thinkers, stinkers, chefs, dress-makers and ne’erdowells that have appeared over the last three years. The animate! project is proud to curate a special film programme from its back catalogue as part of this year’s event.

Matching the festival’s reputation for the bizarre and challenging, Author Author ignites word and image in dynamic conversation as some of the UK’s most innovative animators transform strikingly authored sources into intense new narratives:

15th February Tim Webb, 1995, 6 min - based on radical poet Peter Reading’s tale of rejection and its aftermath
His Comedy Paul Bush, 1994, 8 min - a brimstone homage to Doré, illustrator of Dante’s Divine Comedy
Minema Cinema - Keep on Going Tim Hope, 2004, 8 min - follows a bizarre story specially developed by 13 year-old Acai Duang-Arop
The Nuclear Train Daniel Saul, 2002, 9 min - a drama of dislocation written by cult author James Flint
The Old Fools Ruth Lingford, 2002, 5 min - set to Bob Geldof’s reading of Philip Larkin’s poem of the same name
Rabbit Run Wrake, 2005, 8 min - an unsettling tale of not-so-innocent childhood using recycled educational stickers
Tulips at Dawn Rosie Pedlow, 2002, 3 min - a quirky interpretation of the poem by Nobel Laureate chemist Roald Hoffman
Who I Am and What I Want David Shrigley & Chris Shepherd, 2005, 7 min - an animated journey through Shrigley’s book of dysfunctional absurdity

St Germans
Cornwall PL12 5ND
admission: adults £80 weekend ticket including camping, £15 day ticket / 12-16 year olds £30 weekend ticket, £7 day ticket / children under 12 free, family tickets available

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