New animate! Artist Award at expanded Encounters Festival

Entry deadline Friday 26 May 2006

This November the celebrated pair of Bristol international film festivals, Brief Encounters and Animated Encounters, unite into one Encounters Short Film Festival. animate! is proud to add a new award to the exciting list of Encounters’ prizes, the animate! Artist Award for innovation in manipulated moving image.

This is not the usual sort of award for craft or story-telling excellence. Our animate! Jury is looking for films that seriously challenge the boundaries of animation through radical content and ground-breaking concepts, forms and processes. You can read more about the animate! agenda in our Features section, including the article Death to Animation.

The animate! Artist Award is international. Eligible films must meet the general criteria of the Encounters Festival (eg. have been completed since 31 December 2004) and be entered using the Festival’s online film submission form here. Deadline Friday 26 May.

The 2006 Encounters Short Film Festival takes place over a packed six days from Tuesday 21 to Sunday 26 November. Shortlisted entries for the animate! Artist Award will be screened in a special programme on 22 November, and our animate! Jury will award a £2,000 cash prize to the film making the most significant contribution to refreshing, extending and redefining animation.

21-26 November 2006 Encounters Short Film Festival website ›

2 Responses to “New animate! Artist Award at expanded Encounters Festival”

  1. tom Says:

    why is the deadline so early, if the festival is in November?
    it doesn’t leave any time to make something special…

  2. Dick Arnall Says:

    The animate! Artist Award is a new venture for us, in partnership with the Encounters Festival. It is set up as a distinct submission category of the festival for existing works.

    But it’s inspiring to know that the Award moved you to contemplate creating a special new film. Thank you - we’ll think on this for the future. Also we hope (tho it’s never certain) that animate! tv will be commissioning again in early 2006 for the project’s seventeenth annual slate, with individual budgets of up to £20,000 for innovative new works.

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