animate! tv: 6 Latest Commissions on Channel 4

Tuesday 28 February 2005 25:05am

By popular demand, the six latest animate! films receive a repeat screening on Channel 4 in animate! tv on 28 February, starting at five past one (ie 01:05 on Wednesday morning).

Commissioned in 2004, they are Carolina Melis & Susanne Flender’s As the Crow Flies, Damian Gascoigne’s Careful, Dryden Goodwin’s Flight, Run Wrake’s BAFTA-nominated Rabbit, Katerina Athanasopoulou’s Sweet Salt and David Shrigley & Chris Shepherd’s Who I Am and What I Want.

The eight artists introduce their works in the hour-long programme directed by Paul Bernays, first broadcast on 6 December last year.

Tuesday 28 February 2005 25:05am

One Response to “animate! tv: 6 Latest Commissions on Channel 4”

  1. Noddy Says:

    This is superb news! I’m going to email channel4 registering my delight at the repeat and the commissioning of such interesting works.

    I must also thank Dick, the administrator of this website, for being kind enough to email me with this news - I left an online plea after the first screening for a repeat. Thank you very much for keeping in touch and maintaining this site sir!


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