animate! tv: 6 Premieres on Channel 4

Tuesday 6 December 2005 24:10am

Six new animate! films receive their premiere broadcast in animate! tv on 6 December on Channel 4, starting at ten past midnight (ie 00:10 on Wednesday morning).

Commissioned in 2004, they are Carolina Melis & Susanne Flender’s As the Crow Flies, Damian Gascoigne’s Careful, Dryden Goodwin’s Flight, Run Wrake’s Rabbit, Katerina Athanasopoulou ’s Sweet Salt and David Shrigley & Chris Shepherd’s Who I Am and What I Want.

The eight artists introduce their new works in the hour-long programme, directed by Paul Bernays.

Tuesday 6 December 2005 24:10am

6 Responses to “animate! tv: 6 Premieres on Channel 4”

  1. Raphael Says:

    Amazing animations!! I was impressed! Is there anyway to download these videos?


  2. Noddy Says:

    Are any of the animations going to be repeated or is there a way of viewing them again?

    I only ask as I watched the first three animations and was absolutely enthralled by them. I would have stayed awake to watch the rest but i’m currently battling the flu and found it difficult to continue watching tv with a raging temperature - things were getting a little TOO trippy.

    Anyway, I sincerely hope there is some way I can watch these shorts again. I loved every minute of the ones I did manage to watch. Good work guys.

  3. Dick Says:

    animate! has had a lot of great feedback from this screening but we’re sorry - at the moment there’s no way to download the films. animate! doesn’t produce or own any of the works it commissions, not does Channel 4. The Channel has a licence to one more transmission of each film but right now no-one knows when or if this will happen.

    However there will be an animate! compilation DVD released in 2006 by the British Film Institute, so watch out for that or sign up to our free email newswire (if you haven’t already done so) for an update. And if you’re especially partial to Who I Am and What I Want, you’ll be pleased to know that production company Slinky Pictures plans to bring it out as a standalone limited edition DVD - you can log your interest here.

  4. john stone Says:

    I agree. These films were amazing! Being a big Shrigley fan, Who I Am and What I Want was a real treat for me to see. Hope you repeat the programme again. Please!

  5. Alex Says:

    This friday I’ve seen “Who I Am and What I Want” at Manhattan Short Film Festival in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Still staying impressed. Thank to the authors for such an interesting film. Wishing you all the best, hope you’ll get the First Place! ;)

  6. Alex Says:

    And yes, I’ll be happy to download “Who I Am and What I Want” and see it again. Unfortunately there’s no other possible ways to get this film here in Russia :(

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