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animate! tv 2005 Preview at FACT Liverpool

Wednesday 5 October 2005 19:30

Preview of this year’s animate! tv commissions at the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, Liverpool. Six exciting new works take startling graphic journeys, reveal unsettling undercurrents and discover dazzling digital domains. Plus another four hand-picked recent animate! tv commissions, and a Q&A with animate! and Run Wrake, director of [...]

Why Animation Matters

“I am writing, here, as a kind of casualty: someone who was seduced by this strange work, and has yet to recover. I have come to see that this is perhaps all I ever write about.” Ian Penman

Animation matters. It matters…

Because everything is going, is slipping beneath the waves, is starving or burning and maimed [...]

A Lisbon

“His language of images makes it possible to understand familiar things without their ceasing to be unfamiliar. Simile brings distant things near while at the same time freezing them in an image protected from the ravaging force of habit.” Peter Szondi, from Walter Benjamin’s City Portraits.

The wings in the chest, do we feel them lift [...]