animate! The Naked Animator and Q&A at Edinburgh Filmhouse

Saturday 2 April 2005 16:30

The deadline for submissions to animate! tv 2005 is 29 April. This programme provides an informal opportunity for film, video and digital artists unfamiliar with the commissioning project to find out more about the diversity of the ‘animate! agenda’

animate! The Naked Animator

Personal animation gets personal. Animators have a powerhouse of tools at hand to portray their inner selves but it takes guts to make yourself vulnerable. This programme, compiled from the 72 animate! films commissioned since 1990, screens brave testimonies gifted to audiences by ten artists including Kayla Parker with her Cage of Flame and Jonathan Hodgson in Camouflage.

The animate! team will be at the screening to answer questions about animate! tv 2005 commissioning. Admission by cinema ticket to the programme.

Saturday 2 April 2005 16:30 Edinburgh Filmhouse website ›

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