Render things visible

The annual \internationalmediaartaward has announced this year’s competition.

The major European prize for artist’s video and media, based in Karlsruhe Germany, is requesting entries which explore their theme for 2004, ‘inVISIBLE \ art_science’.

From medicine to astronomy, science has become the domain of technical imaging processes. Invisible worlds, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, are revealed by scientists who are continuing the mission of art described by Paul Klee in 1920: ‘Art does not reproduce what is visible, but renders things visible.’

Entries to the 2004 award (for video, internet or gallery) should present evidence that, in the age of apparatus-driven perception, art and science are in fact converging cultural technologies with a common alphanumerical code.

Submission deadline (postmarked) 1 April 2004.

In 2000, with a competition theme of ‘cITy’, the award was won by Jonathan Hodgson’s animate! film Feeling My Way.

entry details for the 2004 award
one-minute extracts from all of the 450 videos and interactive works nominated for the prize since 1992
The Media Arts Archive
Jonathan Hodgson’s award in 2000 for Feeling My Way was accompanied by a short essay by Chris Darke, now republished on animateonline
Taking a Line for a Walk

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