NOW! the movie

World filmmakers are asked to contribute to the first ever co-operatively made and collectively owned cinema feature film, an intensely formed work about sustainable development.

Anyone anywhere can register, shoot and then submit digital footage for possible inclusion in “a powerful and inspiring snapshot view of the world today as seen through the eyes of a global network of film-makers”. The UK-based project is motivated by classics like Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera (1929) through to Baraka (1992) and The Qatsi Trilogy, but will use audio-visual editing and sampling techniques to form the work. The soundtrack will be produced by Matt Black of Coldcut.

Preferred format is MiniDV although others can be handled (and digital files can be submitted online for preview). The production team hope to receive most material by June/July 2004. All makers of footage incorporated into NOW! will profit-share in the outcome.

more details and registration
an excellent essay by Marko Daniel on Dziga Vertov and his seminal 1929 film Man with a Movie Camera
a site for many of the epic ‘condition of man’ feature films in ‘the spirit of Baraka

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