Internet Excursions

Texture mapping - a simple but uncanny and revealing online tool from Tate Modern. Make the pigment texture and depth jump to life in two Auerbach paintings as you move a light source around them. Then click on ‘Technical details’ to find out more about the process behind this virtual light map.

Auto graffiti - download the JPG stills, watch the MPG movie and read in the PDF pages how two Swiss guys lovingly developed Hektor, their string+algorithm+spraycan graffiti machine.

METABLAST - a deconstructed internet forum, nuclear comings and goings, superpowers, paranoia - and Monaco font. Another work from Young-Hae Chang’s Heavy Industries on the Seoul side of the north-south Korean border.

We fail - but before they do, they send creepy Shockwave shudders rasping through this grungy little buddy-buddy journey.

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