Festival lists & information

We are often asked to recommend sources of information about international animation and short-film festivals. Below are the websites we like best. Please send us details of any other sources you find useful and reliable.

  • Animation World Network a large updating database of events around the world ranging from heavy-industry to ‘independent’.
  • Britfilms the database run by the British Council covering 600 world-wide film festivals, with useful advanced search including ‘animation’.
  • Withoutabox a customisable search of details for 1,300 international festivals. Withoutabox also offer a unique and free online festival submission service - fill in their ‘universal’ entry form just once and then you can simply click-submit your film (plus online press pack) to more than 100 ‘partner’ (predominantly North American) festivals.
  • LUX a monthly online newswire which includes listings of upcoming world-wide events (and much other good stuff) for film video & digital artists. LUX is the UK’s not-for-profit organisation for artists’ film & video - they house the animate! film collection. You can subscribe to their newswire as an e-newsletter.
  • Flicker includes an excellent list of festivals, both North American and rest-of-world, which celebrate avant garde and ‘alternative’ film & video.
  • Idlevice Matt Hulse’s website of projects, info and initiatives, which offers a lively list of Eurocentric but vitally personal Film Festival Recommendations. Matt made the animate! film Hotel Central - here he takes a discursive scroll through the lobby. His second animate! commission Half Life is currently in production.

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