animate! tv 2004 Call for Submissions

animate! tv is looking for new ideas.

We are commissioning another slate of personal projects for television, with running times of up to 6 minutes and production budgets between £5,000 and £20,000.

Send us a plan to scratch the world with unexpected tools. Or a playful proposition to surprise and stretch an audience. Above all, we are looking for projects fired by an irresistibly original idea that will challenge the boundaries of animation.

To submit a proposal to animate! tv 2004 you must be based in the UK and have some experience of experimental practice in film, video & digital media. Celluloid, tape and digital technologies are all acceptable, in pure or hybrid form.

Submissions deadline (postmarked) Friday 30 April 2004.

full guidelines and proposal pack from the funding section of this site
animate! tv 2004

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