All Roads film project

The US National Geographic Society Project is offering seed grants to assist world-wide “indigenous or minority-culture filmmakers” to create new projects.

One of the unexpected treats of last year’s globetrotting RESFEST was the ‘Off the Map’, the most geographically-grounded programme in the digitally-orientated festival. Now the programme’s sponsor National Geographic is going one stage further with the All Roads Film Project. This includes the All Roads Film Festival (with master classes and workshops) in Los Angeles and Washington this October, plus ten seed grants of $3,000 awarded during 2004 (with the possibility of an All Roads Fellowship of up to $100,000 next year to complete a seeded project).

In both instances National Geographic are seeking animation, music videos, features, documentaries and shorts with an international focus, in which “indigenous and minority-culture storytellers bring their lives, experiences and cultures to new audiences.”

Festival submission deadline 31 May 2004. Seed grants are awarded on a rolling basis.

for festival entry form or seed grant application

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