Latest Directory of International Film & Video Festivals published

The British Council Films & Television Department has just published the 2001-02 edition of their reference guide to international festivals.

The Directory lists over 500 international film, television and video festivals, giving details on how and when to enter. Listings do not critique the events but nonetheless the guide is an invaluable starting-point for checking and accessing the festival circuit.

This year the ‘paper’ spiral-bound version of the guide is available free. An order form is downloadable via the British Council’s website, to be returned with a self-addressed A5 padded envelope and 96p first-class stamp (or 76p second-class). Phone (020) 7389 3065 if you need more details.

The same website carries a searchable database version of the Directory but this has not yet been updated to the 2001-02 edition.

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