DepicT! Competition 2001 seeks animated micro-entries

DepicT!, organised by the annual Brief Encounters International Short Film Festival in Bristol, offers a £3,000 prize for the best live-action micro-movie, of up to 90 seconds.

This year there will be a new, similar award for international animated entries. The £3,000 animation prize is sponsored by Global Rights Inc, a division of Sony. Winning criteria (other than a maximum 90 seconds!) remain to be revealed; previous shortlisted live-action entries have been thoughtfully and tightly formed.

Entries must be submitted by 21 September, on VHS or as a Quicktime movie or MPEG file via CD or email. Details and entry form from the DepicT! website. The 7th Brief Encounters festival takes place 14-18 November 2001.

Provisional dates for the 3rd Animated Encounters festival in Bristol, produced by the same team, are set for 25-28 April 2002.

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