Charting 2D animation and beyond

An overview of contemporary world-class ‘drawn’ animation 2D and Beyond, written by Jayne Pilling, was published on 3 June by Rotovision.

The book explores the diverse creative processes of leading ‘auteur’ animators ranging from Simon Pummell to Lejf Marcussen, via Wendy Tilby, Igor Kovalyov and a dozen others. The emphasis is on drawn 2D animated shorts but the text, illustrated with 1,200 images, also maps an inexorable meld into 3D and digital techniques.

Insightful, vibrant, textured, deeply researched and intelligent, and lavishly even breathtakingly luscious, we rate it indispensable. ISBN 2-88046-445-5. List price £22.50.

Jayne Pilling is one the UK’s few specialist writers on (and programmers of) animation, as well as being Director of the British Animation Awards. Her new book is the first to be published in a forthcoming series Animation, from Rotovision.

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