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Since Dick Arnall's death in 2007, animate! continues in a new form through Animate Projects which "commissions artists to make work that explores the relationship between contemporary art and animation, for broadcast, gallery, cinema and online exhibition." Please see for more information

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animate! tv funding

The animate! project trailblazes fresh narrative and aesthetic possibilities in film, way beyond live-action and the frame-by-frame confines of conventional animation. animate! tv is our core commissioning activity.

animate! questions received notions of animation practice. We believe that animation is not, and indeed never has been, exclusively driven by frame-by-frame process but by wider notions of synthesis. We are, for example, excited by image re-presentation through spatial or timeline manipulation. And we support innovative content and 'agenda' as well as new forms and processes.

84 innovative films supported by animate! tv since 1990 have established an international reputation for thoughtful and diverse practice.

animate! tv 2007 commissions

animate! tv is commissioning its seventeenth annual slate of personal projects for television, with running times of up to 6 minutes, and production budgets between £5,000 and £20,000. The individual works will receive their premieres on Channel 4 in autumn 2008, and then enjoy a long and highly visible international profile.

Send us a plan to scratch the world with unexpected tools; a proposition to surprise and stretch an audience. Above all, we are looking for original projects that develop the possibilities of animation techniques, and that explore and challenge the idea of what 'animation' is.

To be eligible you must be an artist or animator with experience of experimental practice in film or digital media, and be based in the UK. Celluloid, tape and digital technologies are all acceptable, in pure or hybrid form.