animate! has been commissioning experimental animation films since 1990. It is now developing a resource based around these existing films but which will increasingly extend into the broader area of artist animation. This resource aims to be one of the most comprehensive and highest quality data-sets ever produced for the area, focusing especially on thoughtful practice: process, techniques, goals, ambitions and genres. It will lever the existing archive of films as a starting point for identifying and assessing the wider issues.

This site intends to be the hub of animate!'s activities for exhibition and advocacy, and we plan to solicit information, updates, corrections and extra contextual material from you, the user. We also welcome feedback on our featured material, and contributions and suggestions for articles or projects that are relevant to the further understanding of experimental animation.

Technical summary

animate! is committed to the use of standard, open technologies in the development of both the resource data and the website. In practice we are using a standards-compliant database for storing the data around the film archive, the site structure and its design, whilst developing the controlled vocabularies used for describing the films. This is extensible, open to partnership and collaboration, and in the near future will be channelled into the production of educational & contextual materials beyond the web.

The website itself is dynamically generated from this xml data, using standard stylesheet transformations, and structured using xhtml markup, combined with css for the layout and design. The site is managed using a custom, evolving content management system.

Website content & copyright

All information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. No responsibility is accepted for information that is out of date or inaccurate.

Some material on this website may be unsuitable for children and parent or teacher discretion may be advisable.

Individual films, and all materials and stills associated with them, are the copyright of the artists unless otherwise stated.

Effort has been made to correctly credit copyright holders. If copyright has been credited inappropriately we ask copyright holders to contact animateonline directly.

Individual contact details for artists are not displayed in order to protect privacy. If you wish to get in touch with an artist please check to see if their film page includes a link to a personal website, or write to them care of info@animateonline.org and we will be happy to forward your email.

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